Students celebrate excellent GCSE results

Congratulations to Oathall students who are celebrating their excellent GCSE results. Students have seen impressive outcomes across all areas of the curriculum.

In English, 73% of students achieved a grade 4 or above whilst in mathematics 67% of students achieved a grade 4 or higher. In science, 75% of students achieved 2 good science GCSE passes.

There were some exceptional individual performances with more than 11% of the cohort achieving 7 or more passes at grades 7, 8 or 9. Moreover, 23% of all grades awarded were 7 or higher.

Students of all abilities have excelled and achieved results of which they should be very proud. It is clear that their progress and attainment is significantly positive.

Headteacher, Edward Rodriguez said,
“I would like to congratulate all students and staff. The fact that so many of our students have reached their full potential, with others exceeding expectations, is testament to their hard work and commitment.”

Impressive GCSE results

Congratulations to Oathall students who are celebrating a very impressive set of results for 2017.

Oathall students have responded well to the challenges set by the newly reformed GCSEs. The new grading system and more challenging content has been met with hard work and commitment. As a result, in English and mathematics 75% of Oathall students have achieved passes. In mathematics 20% and in English 28% were awarded grade 7 or higher.

In comparison to the national results released today by Ofqual, it is clear that Oathall students achieved notably higher outcomes at all levels.

The fact that 22% of all grades, across all subjects were awarded at the very highest levels (A+/7+) illustrates how ambitious Oathall students are to excel academically. There were many individual success stories with some 12% of the year group achieving 8 or more grades at these highest (A+/7+) levels.

The college has seen excellent results in all areas of the curriculum. Notably, 31% of all grades across the humanities subjects (geography, history and RE) were awarded at A+ and biology, chemistry and physics 46% of all grades were at this highest level. In sport and performance subjects 75% of grades were awarded at C+ and in technology and the arts, 84% of all grades were at C+.

Mr Rodriguez, Headteacher congratulated all the students on their results and said:
‘I am delighted to see how Oathall students have met the challenges of the reformed GCSE’s and performed so well over the entire range of subjects; they so deserve their successes today.”

Details of our 2017 GCSE results are available here. 


Oathall students celebrate excellent examination results

Students at Oathall have proved that hard work leads to impressive results. This year’s results were excellent, building on the successes of previous years and Oathall students can be proud of their achievements.

Mr Edward Rodriguez, Headteacher praised the results achieved by students and said,

“Our students should be proud of the results they have achieved today. Their successes are a testament to their hard work, ability and motivation. I am pleased and delighted to see that their efforts have been rewarded. I would like to wish them every success in their next stage of learning.”

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Students celebrating excellent results at Oathall Community College.

Many congratulations to Oathall students who are once again celebrating another year of excellent GCSE results. The college has improved on last year’s successes in many subjects.

DSC01321In English, students have eclipsed previous high standards with 77% achieving A*-C. In mathematics, 68% achieved passes at A* to C. The college’s relentless drive for academic success has seen continued improvements this year across the curriculum.

More than half of all grades awarded were B or higher and a quarter of all grades were at A or A*. There were some fantastic results in individual subjects; in biology, chemistry and physics 53% of grades were at A or A* and 34% of students taking art achieved A or A* . In PE 49% of students, in media 42% and in geography 39% succeeded in achieving these highest grades. These really are outstanding results.

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Ofsted Rate Oathall as ‘Good’

ofsted logoFollowing a two day Ofsted inspection in October, Oathall has been rated as ‘Good’ in every area.

Inspectors observed 52 lessons, met with students, teachers, senior leaders, the governing body and representatives from the local authority.

The final report published on Friday 8 November praised teaching standards, pupil behaviour and the school’s leadership and management.

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Best ever results at Oathall Community College


Success-girls success-boys Success-all

Many congratulations to Oathall students who are celebrating record GCSE successes at Oathall this summer. The college has achieved its best ever results in the key GCSE measure of students achieving 5+ A*-C including English and Maths. This represents a step change in the performance of the college over the past three years.

GCSE results in English & Maths have significantly improved against last year, with 80% of students achieving A*-C in Maths making this the college’s best ever results by far in this subject.

The college has seen improvements in the performances against all measures in subjects across the curriculum. Over 25% of grades awarded were A or A*, and half of all grades awarded were B or higher. There have been some fantastic results in individual subjects; 43% of students taking History achieved A or A*; in Biology, Chemistry & Physics over 45% of all grades were awarded at A or A*.

Students excelled in all the Language GCSE’s with 94% of students taking French achieving A*-C and 38% achieving A*-A. This is particularly impressive as the vast majority of students study languages at the college.

The college is keen to challenge its most able students as exemplified by offering students the chance to study AS level Critical Thinking.  88% of grades awarded in this subject were C or higher with a pass rate of 100%.  In Further Maths, a course designed to stretch our most talented mathematicians, 91% achieved grade C or higher. Three students managed to secure A* with Distinction, a grade surpassing A* level, unique to this course.

Results in the Performing Arts have been exceptional, improving on their already high standards. 94% of grades in Art were C or above; 83% of Dance students achieved a C or higher and PE had their best ever results with 82% of the students achieving A*-C.

Individual success stories abound with over 10% of the year group achieving 8 or more passes at the highest A and A* level.

‘It is delightful to see that all the hard work of students and their teachers has been rewarded by these excellent results. There have been some terrific improvements across a range of subjects and some impressive individual achievements amongst our students; it is especially pleasing to see so many of our students reaching their full potential. These admirable results are a reflection of the commitment by students and staff to succeed which could not have been achieved without the support of parents and families.’

Edward Rodriguez, Headteacher

2013 GCSE Results table