Oathall remote learning plan – click here

This plan was reviewed 05 December 2022. Minor changes were made. 

The remote learning plan covers a range of situations where students are absent from school or would like to review and catch up on learning.

Our main platform for remote learning is via Google classroom. Google classroom codes for remote learning can be found on the document below and are listed by year, subject and in some cases by teaching group as well. Please be sure to check that you have the correct code. Please note that you can only obtain access to remote learning provision if you are a member of the Oathall community with an Oathall email address. 

Google Classroom codes – click here

If you are not sure how to access Google classroom on your PC, tablet or phone please refer to the helpsheet here.

Google Classroom helpsheet – click here

If you need help on how to submit work on Google Classroom please refer to this helpsheet.

Submit an assignment on Google Classroom – click here

If you have any questions about work or lessons contact the relevant subject teachers directly via email. For wider queries please email [email protected]