Oathall Community College places high importance on our pupil voice and our student council.

Oathall Student Voice (OSV) is an initiative which offers students the opportunity to have their voice heard across the key areas of school life; environment, teaching and learning, student support, health and fitness and community engagement. During termly ‘Student Voice Week’, council representatives gather the views and ideas from the student body which are then discussed in council meetings.

Oathall Student Voice is actively involved in many aspects of school life including, projects which aim to improve the school, consultation regarding changes in school policy and the appointment of new staff. We welcome anyone who wants to get involved with the Oathall Student Voice, bringing new and bright ideas to the meetings!

Student Leadership opportunities are advertised around school and our students are able to apply or volunteer for positions of responsibility at various stages during the academic year.

Our current leadership structure by year group can be viewed here.