At Oathall, we recognise, praise and reward positive behaviour that contributes to effective learning and benefits our community. Our formal rewards system is based on credits that are awarded by staff and recorded electronically. These can be viewed by parents via our online portal, ‘My Child at School’.

Credits are issued to students by staff in recognition of achievement, effort and positive behaviour. Students can accumulate these credits towards certificates of distinction and headteacher awards as detailed below:

In addition to the award system, we hold termly achievement assemblies designed to recognise and celebrate the successes of our students. During these assemblies, we celebrate outstanding attendance, excellent contribution to the school community and tutor time, as well as recognising students who have gone above and beyond in displaying the school’s values and characteristics.

For our students in years 7 to 9, we have a termly system which recognises progress, attainment, effort and most improvement per subject. Our students in years 10 and 11 are recognised as ‘student of the half-term’ per subject. We also hold a celebration brunch twice in the academic year to celebrate those students who have displayed outstanding attitudes to learning in all subjects. Parents will be informed when their child is chosen for any of these awards so that those students can be congratulated further for their outstanding commitment.

Credits and good attendance are also counted as part of our house championship. Each house will receive points for good attendance and the total number of credits per half term, culminating in the winning houses being awarded the ‘credit cup’ and ‘attendance cup’ during our final assembly of the year.

Towards the end of each academic year Oathall holds the annual celebration evening. This is an opportunity to recognise and acknowledge some of the most outstanding achievements made throughout the academic year. Invitations for this event are sent directly to parents of those students invited to participate.