At Oathall, we pride ourselves on our excellent support and guidance services for students. Our inclusion policy is recognised in the area as an example of best practice.

All of our students are equally valued and are expected to be caring, considerate and responsible members of the learning community.  Older students are regularly involved in the mentoring and support of younger students through school leadership initiatives.

Transition support

We have a transition team who work closely with local primary schools to facilitate a smooth transition for the new students who join us at the age of eleven.

Group tutors

Our support and guidance system is based on a series of tutor groups each comprising about 26 students of the same age. Each group has a teacher who is specially assigned to them and who has the first responsibility for their welfare, personal, moral and social development and for monitoring and supporting their academic progress.  The group tutor sees their students each day for registration and is the first point of contact between the school and home.

Heads of Year

Group tutors report to heads of year who deal with non-routine issues and monitor and support the academic progress, welfare, behaviour and personal development of students within their house.

Student services

Each year group is supported by an assistant head of year.  These assistants are non-teaching staff who work closely with heads of year and group tutors.  As they are not tied to classroom teaching they can be a valuable point of contact and are qualified to deal with most general enquiries about a child’s welfare at school.

Leadership links

Oathall’s support and guidance structures are overseen by Miss Z Froud, Assistant Headteacher.


We also have a traditional house system with four houses; Discovery, Endeavour, Pioneer and Voyager. Each house consists of tutor groups from all five year groups.