A number of significant developments have been made to the ICT provision at Oathall that provides students and parents with a range of digital tools. These will support teaching and learning in a variety of ways. They will also further improve online communication, especially between students and teachers.

With these changes in mind the acceptable use policy has been significantly updated and a copy is available here.


Our website provides a wide range of information. It also provides a single sign-in for students to access Google Apps and other cloud-based applications which are available from any device with an internet browser.

Student email

All OCC students are provided with a Gmail ‘@oathall.org’ email address which they can use for college matters. Staff and students may use email to communicate about homework and other work-related matters with each other, provided this is done in a polite and reasonable manner and with the teacher’s prior agreement. Students must not email staff during the school holidays. It is essential that students adhere to the expectations set out in the acceptable use policy, they should also be aware that emails are monitored.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides an online set of free office applications with cloud storage which means there are no compatibility issues and students can access their work from anywhere with an internet connection. This can also be used to transfer files between home and school, it is also useful for collaborative group projects. All students have access to their own Google Drive when they log into the school website. Teachers can also use Google drive to send documents to their class.

Insight Parent Portal

Oathall uses a secure online parent portal called Insight. Insight provides parents with online access to a range of information specifically about their child and enhances communication between school and home. Information available on Insight includes;

  • Student details
  • Details of homework with deadlines
  • A student’s timetable and teachers
  • A record of positive and negative behaviours
  • An attendance summary
  • Assessment grades and termly reports
  • Parental contact details with an update facility
  • An online system for booking meetings at parent evenings


We use Insight to publish and monitor homework. Students can also log in to Insight using the username and password that they use to log into the Oathall website. They can see a pared down version of the information we hold on record for them.


We use Insight as our primary method for issuing termly progress reports. Parents can see the most recent report on their child and any previous reports that have been issued.

Oathall message

Our normal method of communication with parents is by email or in some circumstances by SMS texts. Emails from Oathall will show in your email inbox as being from ‘Oathall message’. This is a do not reply email address. If you need to contact the school by email please use [email protected] or the staff members direct email address.

Staff email

Staff can be emailed by parents and details of the address are on the “Our team” page of the website. These are for parents to use when email will provide the most appropriate means of communication. However, they are not intended to replace other methods of communication such as phone calls or a letter. Please bear in mind that the time constraints of a teacher’s working day mean that a reasonable period of time must be allowed for a response to an email message.