Oathall Community College is a uniformed school.  All of our students, without exception, wear the same uniform which we believe gives a sense of unity and identity.  We ask parents/ carers to support us by ensuring their son/ daughter attends each day in the correct attire with the necessary equipment to learn.

Oathall uniform policy 2022 – 2023 and Be ready for learning policy

Local suppliers

We have two preferred suppliers in the local area, we recommend their products to parents as we know they offer good quality items:

Second Hand Uniform

Second-hand uniforms can be donated to the Bentswood Community Hub or Broadbridges on Sussex Road in Haywards Heath. Please contact Bentswood community hub if you need secondhand uniform.

Financial support may be available to help families cover the cost of uniforms; please contact the main office in the first instance to find out more.