We recognise that the current situation can become challenging. To help look after our (and others’) mental health and wellbeing we have put together a selection of resources to assist during this time.

We would also like to stress that if students wish to contact key staff in school to seek support (Heads of House, Deputy Heads of House, form tutors), then we ask them to email staff or use the following generic address and we will make sure the relevant member of staff is informed.

Contact: office@oathall.org

One of the best ways to make the transition to learning at home is to continue to establish routines, ideas include:

  • Following the suggested Home Learning Timetable
  • Set up routines but don’t forget to include breaks
  • Work with your child to replicate school. Maybe use a timer to signify the end of each lesson or time for a break.
  • Create a ‘school space’, even a ‘school chair’ to signify the environment where learning takes place
  • Homeschooling more than one child of different age groups can be a challenge, keep lessons short and try to factor in one-on-one time with each of them.
  • There may be days or half days when you wish to move away from the set timetable and try a completely different activity, such as playing a game or an art-based task.

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