Communicating with parents, carers, teachers, partners, the local community and other stakeholders is a key priority for Oathall and one of the ways we are doing this now is via social media.

Our profiles

Twitter We often ‘tweet’ about news and events we’re found at @Oathallnews, @Oathall_LRC@oathalltrips

Facebook – The official Oathall Facebook page can be found here. We use Facebook to provide updates about school life and events.

Flickr is a photography site that allows us to share images of major events, new items and other photos we like with the public, you can visit our online galleries here.

We hope the updates we share via these channels offer a real insight into the life and times of Oathall Community College!

Usage guide

Oathall Community College shares information with the public via social media in good faith.  Comments made by members of the public are not edited by our staff unless they use obscene or threatening language, could be deemed as a personal attack on a named individual, is thought to promote an illegal activity and violates copyright or trademark laws.

Please do not post your own or anybody else’s personal details to our social media profiles.

We aim to respond as swiftly as possible to comments however this may not always be possible eg at weekends or outside of term time.

If you have a complex enquiry or comment please get in touch with us via phone or email in the first instance, thank you.