Congratulations to Oathall students who are celebrating a very impressive set of results for 2017.

Oathall students have responded well to the challenges set by the newly reformed GCSEs. The new grading system and more challenging content has been met with hard work and commitment. As a result, in English and mathematics 75% of Oathall students have achieved passes. In mathematics 20% and in English 28% were awarded grade 7 or higher.

In comparison to the national results released today by Ofqual, it is clear that Oathall students achieved notably higher outcomes at all levels.

The fact that 22% of all grades, across all subjects were awarded at the very highest levels (A+/7+) illustrates how ambitious Oathall students are to excel academically. There were many individual success stories with some 12% of the year group achieving 8 or more grades at these highest (A+/7+) levels.

The college has seen excellent results in all areas of the curriculum. Notably, 31% of all grades across the humanities subjects (geography, history and RE) were awarded at A+ and biology, chemistry and physics 46% of all grades were at this highest level. In sport and performance subjects 75% of grades were awarded at C+ and in technology and the arts, 84% of all grades were at C+.

Mr Rodriguez, Headteacher congratulated all the students on their results and said:
‘I am delighted to see how Oathall students have met the challenges of the reformed GCSE’s and performed so well over the entire range of subjects; they so deserve their successes today.”

Details of our 2017 GCSE results are available here.