Students at Oathall have proved that hard work leads to impressive results. This year’s results were excellent, building on the successes of previous years and Oathall students can be proud of their achievements.

Mr Edward Rodriguez, Headteacher praised the results achieved by students and said,

“Our students should be proud of the results they have achieved today. Their successes are a testament to their hard work, ability and motivation. I am pleased and delighted to see that their efforts have been rewarded. I would like to wish them every success in their next stage of learning.”

More than 25% of all grades were at A or A* with 73% being at C or higher. Notably, 80% of students achieved at least a C grade in English with 28% being awarded the top grades of A or A*. In mathematics, 25% were rewarded with the top grades whilst 81% achieved a C grade or higher in further mathematics. In the three sciences, 54% of grades were at A or A*.

Significantly, this year, all key measures for progress have continued to show year-on-year improvements which reflects the impressive results in all subjects across the curriculum at Oathall.

Many individual success stories abound with some 13% of the entire year group achieving 8 or more passes at grades A or A*.

The new accountability measure for schools known as Progress 8 looks at progress made by students across the curriculum since they started at the school. Whilst we await publication of national data for confirmation, our initial analysis shows this to be significantly positive at Oathall.