On the 6th of February, 56 enthusiastic Oathall students took part in Rock Challenge at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley, where we competed against several other schools and colleges.

This year our dance was called ‘The Forest Is Our Home’ and was an environmental piece about deforestation. Our performance took the audience on a journey through the beautiful and captivating rainforest where indigenous people live in harmony with the forest until logging tradesmen threaten to destroy their homes for profit. The performance describes how the indigenous people fight against the logging industry to rebuild and regrow.

Our students have worked hard since last October to put together this 8-minute dance performance. The sound and light team supported the performers with the set, videoing the performance and creating effective and atmospheric lighting designs. They were able to learn from the professionals managing the desks. Throughout the day itself everyone had a fantastic experience and by the end of the evening, we had won awards for performance, entertainment and lighting.