Entrepreneurs everywhere during Tenner Challenge month at Oathall.

Oathall students are participating in the Young Enterprise national “Tenner Challenge” throughout March. The Tenner Challenge provides an opportunity for students to set up a business for one month. Each business is pledged £10 from the Tenner bank which enables them to get their business going. They have four weeks to make as much profit as they can. At the end of the four weeks, the company will return their initial £10 and pay £1 as a legacy donation to Young Enterprise to support this event for next year. Any additional profits will be kept by the business or donated to a charity of their choice.

Students at Oathall have already formed their companies and they have appointed managing directors, marketing directors and finance directors. They have all selected a product or service and are in the process of selling this to students, staff and family friends. On Saturday 11 March, students will be given the opportunity to sell their product to the wider community at a special event to be held in the Orchards shopping centre in Haywards Heath. Sp please come along to see the event. Everyone is welcome.