Oscar-nominated screen writer inspires Oathall students.

Students at Oathall had plenty of questions for Oscar-nominated screenwriter and novelist William Nicholson when he visited Oathall this week. The visit, by William Nicholson, was part of a regular initiative inviting authors to meet students during a school day. The visit included a Q&A lunch and a special assembly for Year 7.

At lunch, older students with an interest in writing and media met with the acclaimed author. Students had researched Nicholson’s background beforehand and so came prepared to ask him about his career. Students asked him about the controversy over racial diversity at this year’s Oscars, what inspired and motivated him when writing as well as chatting with him about current affairs.

After lunch, William Nicholson hosted a special assembly for Year 7 students. He talked about his book ‘The Wind Singer’ and how his experience of the exam system had influenced his ideas for the book. He spoke about his career in TV, books and films, why he writes and why students should write as well.

Charlie Wallbank, Year 7 student, said,

“I found it fascinating because you got to understand what life was like as an author and what dedication you have to put into writing a film and books.”

And, Abbi Neale, Year 7 student, said,

“To be able to tell people I met William Nicholson, the script writer for films like Gladiator and the Long Walk to Freedom is amazing! The whole experience has inspired me to write, work hard and follow my dreams.”

This article was written using contributions from Oathall students in Year 7.