Students in Year 7 were given a fascinating insight into the life of top teen author Alex Scarrow when he visited Oathall on the 16 March 2015. As part of a series of events organised by the English department, Alex Scarrow visited Oathall to talk to students about his life, how he became an author and his new book series, Time Riders.

His presentation was not only about his science fiction novels but about his previous jobs and dreams of becoming a rock star. Alex told students how he started off wanting to be a rock star but when he realised that wasn’t going to happen he became a graphic designer for a games company. Alex told the students that `My first idea for a game was purple and orange monkeys fighting each other with machine guns!’ That created some laughs in the audience. When his boss told him none of his ideas were like ‘Call of Duty’ he realised that he was unable to live his dream. It was at this point, that Alex realised he needed another job and he needed one fast so he decided to become a writer.

Alex spent most of the day working with students and amazing them with his engaging and entertaining presentation full of comical actions, sneezes and even some role play.

Some students gave their opinions on the visit. William Fry said “This has inspired me to continue with my writing. Faye, from 7JSP said, “I have read the first book and bought the second and read quite a lot last night!” and Sam Anstee from 7JSH said “This book is so good I haven’t been able to put it down.”

Alex hopes in the future the series can be made into a blockbuster movie.  So students are now waiting and hoping for that great movie!

Article written with contributions from Honey Hipgrave and Rio Munn