Rampion Offshore Wind Farm’s first operational turbine in the array off the Sussex coast will be named Veranzio Turbine.

Veranzio Turbine was the name put forward by Oathall’s Year 7 eco-club, EcOathall and which went on to win a public vote.

“We are delighted to have a really worthy name for the first operational turbine at Rampion and would like to thank everyone who suggested some fantastic names and all those who voted this week,” said Katie Scanlan, Rampion Visitor Centre Manager.

The team at Rampion Offshore Wind Farm’s Visitor Centre shortlisted 5 names for turbine F04, the first operational turbine installed in the array off the Sussex coast.  Oathall’s year 7 Eco club had its entry to name the turbine chosen & shortlisted for a public vote.

Fausto Veranzio was a Croatian inventor interested in science and engineering. He described one of the first-ever wind turbine designs in his book Machinae Novae published in 1616. He also wrote about solar and water energy; truly ahead of his time.

Geography teacher Mrs Lindsley said

“It’s fantastic that Oathall students have named Brighton’s first operational wind turbine in the array offshore. 953 votes were cast and ECOathall secured 70% of the vote. The wind farm technicians will put the name on the actual turbine in the spring when the weather conditions and accessibility is better. The students also are invited for a visit to the visitor centre and will each get a goody bag!

Thank you to everyone for supporting us, ECOathall members are over the moon – such a lovely end to a tumultuous year for them.”