Love in a box

This year, as part of the ‘Them and Us’ project, Oathall students and staff have been putting together Christmas boxes of gifts and food donations to give to charity. We have chosen to support the YMCA DownsLink Group through their “Love in a Box” scheme. This charity works predominantly with young people who are homeless or in supported housing and they also offer counselling services which our students can access. These boxes ensure that every young person the YMCA DLG work with has something to open at Christmas and will hopefully show that our students and staff have been thinking about them and will continue to think about them during what could be a difficult or lonely time of year.

There has been a terrific response from the school community with gifts ranging from the basics, like toothpaste and soap, to warm winter clothing and a tent!

The ‘Them and Us’ project is all about bringing down barriers and helping young people to understand the importance of kindness, respect and living without harm. We are looking forward to carrying out further projects like this in the new year.