Prior to the Easter holidays, our ‘Good Deed House Competition’ was launched, students were asked to submit a picture, report or video of a ‘good deed’. Unsurprisingly, many of our students rose to the challenge; baking cakes for elderly neighbours, gardening, supporting younger siblings, making supportive signs and raising money for the NHS to name just a few.

Our top 4 deeds as voted for by staff were:

Libby (Y7) who made a cake for her elderly self-isolating neighbour and put a box of old books and DVDs outside her house for people to take.
Lola (Y10) who has been looking after her sister whilst her Mum has been at work and even taught her to bake biscuits
Ella, Amy and Rose (Y10) who have been climbing steps in their house equivalent to the Empire State Building to raise money for the NHS and The Gunjur Project in The Gambia as visited by students in February.
Isla has been supporting her grandmother by caring and walking Rupert, her much-loved dog. Isla sends her grandmother pictures of the dog which has been of great comfort.

Special thanks go to Jacob (Y9) for his heartwarming sign in support of NHS, Lucy (Y7), Jason (Y9), Jacob and Maxwell (Y7) for their fantastic gardening, Jasmine (Y7) for waking early to prepare a surprise breakfast for her family and Frederick (Y7) for helping his dad with some heavy-duty logging work!

All entries contributed to the House points and the overall results were
1st Voyager
2nd Pioneer
3rd Discovery
4th Endeavour

Congratulations to you all and keep up the fantastic work!
Miss Gyngell