The Extended Learning program continues here at Oathall on Monday, 30 January 2023. During periods 4 and 5, students will take part in a selection of activities designed to inspire and engage. 


On this day, periods 1, 2 and 3 will continue as usual, and students will need to come to school equipped for those lessons. Then periods 4 and 5 will be used as part of our Extended Learning program.

Lunch will be at the usual time. However, students in tutor groups 7DSHR, 7EMS, 7VMT, 7VDI, and 7PJSH will need to bring a packed lunch to school, which they will take to their activity. Please see below for details: 


Year 7: 

Tutor groups 7DSHR, 7EMS, 7VMT, 7VDI, and 7PJSH to meet at 12.20 on the tennis courts to be taken to the Orion cinema to watch ‘Wonder‘ – a wonderful film which has some really important messages for young people to hear and is based on a film on the year 7 reading list. These students will need to bring a packed lunch with them.

Tutor groups 7PAQ, 7DSKG, 7EAB, and 7ERL will be taking part in Virgin’s “Make £5 grow” challenge. 

Tuto groups will swap tasks for the next Extended Learning session. 


Year 8: 

All tutor groups will have one hour on thinking and presenting skills and one hour with hands-on first aid training from Little Lifesavers.


Year 9: 

We will be starting the GCSE option process with year 9, where students will have an assembly and get to choose 3 taster sessions each to experience.


Year 10: 

Students will be completing a walking-talking mock for Maths and Science on exam skills.


Year 11: 

Selected students will spend the afternoon focusing on their coursework. Those students who have not will be doing exam preparation in English and Maths.