Oathall musicians went along to watch Ensemble Reza’s cellist Sarah Carvalho-Dubost and guest bassoonist, Susana Dias for a lunchtime concert at the Haywards Heath Methodist Church in Perrymount Road last week.Music-Ensemble Reza

They were treated to a varied and very interesting programme which included music by Beethoven, Brahms and The Pink Panther theme. The cello and bassoon playing together is an unusual but very beautiful combination and Mrs Mac Taggart and the musicians will be trying this combination at school rehearsals to see if they can create the same beautiful timbres.

Eve Mustin who was one of the students who attended the concert said,

“I really enjoyed going to see Ensemble Reza’s concerts. The bassoon and cello complimented each other well and I recognised some of the pieces and composers. The musicians were amazing and very inspirational. Overall, it was a fantastic musical experience.”