In October 2013, Oathall took part in a project which meant the school benefited from the installation of a Sky View weather station on the school premises. The station is installed on the roof of the sports hall and records a great deal of information about our daily weather including temperatures, rainfall, and wind speeds. We now have 4 full years of weather data and so we can begin to make some year on year comparisons and record the highs and lows of our main weather indicators.

2017 did not experience any record lows or highs but the cold winter and early spring meant we had 35 days where temperatures were below 0C. This is the most days of sub-zero temperatures that we have recorded in one year. We had a mini heatwave in June where we had two days where temperatures rose above 32C. This is the only year where we have recorded temperatures this high in June. The highest temperature we recorded was on 21 June where the temperature hit 33.5C. It was a wet year as well with 66 days where rainfall was recorded over .1inch and 153 days where rainfall over .01in was recorded.

So, no significant records for 2017 but you can always keep an eye on the latest weather at Oathall in 2018 by following the link from the website here.