To celebrate the life of Lola Geere and raise some money to help other young people affected by cancer, on Friday 10th December we will be holding a charity bake sale and planting a tree in the school grounds in her memory. 

Cakes and other baked goods, both homemade and shop-bought, will be available to our school community at break time in exchange for a small donation. All the money raised will go directly to the Teenage Cancer Trust to support young people and their families who are affected by cancer. 


Bakes will be priced 50p – £1 so students should bring a small amount of cash with them on Friday 10th December to pay for these. Instructions for how to donate a bake can be found in the letter to parents/carers sent on 29 November

For health and safety reasons, we ask:  

  • Please do not use any peanuts, nuts, or sesame seeds in your bakes
  • Any cakes purchased from shops should stay in the original packaging as they will have the correct allergen labels on them

We cannot guarantee that anything sold on the bake sale does not contain or is not contaminated with any of the 14 food allergens. Therefore any child with an allergy should not buy or eat any of the homemade products. (There will be other items available).

Thank you in advance for your support with this event.