Alan Titchmarsh MBE opening our farm shop in April 2012

Bethan Archer, an art teacher:

“I thoroughly enjoy my visits, it beats drawing a bowl of fruit any day!  We’ve had our minor incidents with sketchbooks being nibbled, dropped and trampled, but all adds to a more memorable experience.”

A student from Oathall:

“Teachers make it fun by trusting you and treating you like an adult.”

Jim Foster, writing the Farmers’ Notebook for the Sussex Express:

“Maybe only a few of the 90 members of Oathall Young Farmers’ Club will have anything to do with farming for a living, but I bet most, even if not all of them, will be jolly good ambassadors for what goes on in the countryside and its conservation.”

Ofsted inspectors following previous visits:

“The farm is a centre of excellence for the college, the local community, and for schools nationally and internationally. It provides memorable experiences and cross curricular learning, generates an impressive network of partnerships, makes community cohesion an exceptionally strong and working reality and motivates students.”

Students behave in a professional manner appropriate to a real working environment.”

Students have excellent attitudes and are proud of the farm.”

A student from Oathall Community College:

“I am not sure what i want to do yet as a career but I work at everything because the farm has really shown me what I need for my future life at work.”

HRH The Prince of Wales in his 2010 book ‘Harmony: a new way of looking at the world’ said:

“One way of connecting children with nature is school farms, one that survives is at Oathall Community College in Haywards Heath.I have great admiration for this farm, which some years ago was due to be shut down, but was saved at the last minute after the children wrote to me in despair. The activities of the farm are woven into every part of the college’s curriculum-maths, art, biology, business and environmental studies– and so the farm is part of every child’s experience at the school. For those who find academic studies more difficult, practical skills are developed and are equally celebrated by the school.Likewise, children with learning difficulties respond incredibly well by working with farm animals. the great thing is that every child can be a success at something and this gives an enormous sense of self-confidence and self-worth. Experience of farming can be life- changing for children, as many adults will testify.”

Alan Titchmarsh who visited Oathall in spring 2012 to officially open the farm shop:

“Within minutes I realised I had entered heaven’s portal…  This is the kind of school that Michael Gove should be looking at, a school that educates its pupils well whatever their ability- be that academic or practical and that sends them out as rounded individuals with a respect and understanding of the great outdoors.”

A student from Imberhorne studying for an NVQ with us one day per week:

Coming to college is brilliant and especially being able to do my NVQ. I love farming and it is something that means a lot to me and being able to learn even more about it makes me feel great.”

A student studying at Oathall:

“I wasn’t very academic but now that I work on the farm I have come to love science and other subjects because I need them to  complete my dream.”