At Oathall we provide students with a comprehensive careers program.  This provides students with information on the options available to them after they leave Oathall.
Career planning is an ongoing process. We support students by giving them the most up-to-date advice about work.  We also support them in their choices and applications to Sixth form college and further education. We encourage students to conduct their own career research and provide students with careers advice. Students are also supported by tutors, subject teachers, Heads of House and pastoral staff over their career choices.

Mrs Ferros is our professional Careers Adviser based in the college. Students can email her or see her in person.  She can be emailed at [email protected] or contacted by phone on 01444 414001.

Mrs Isley is our Careers Lead and Vocational Manager.  Students can see her in person or  email her at [email protected]

If students, parents and carers, teachers, or employers have any comments, feedback, suggestions or would like to get involved in our careers programme please contact [email protected] or

Our careers programme will next be reviewed on July 3 2023.

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