The exam boards are committed to providing you with grades for all your subjects, these grades will, we are told, carry exactly the same value as those awarded in other years. They are yet to finalise details about how your grades will be awarded, however, they have clearly indicated this will involve a range of different elements. It is not yet clear how these different elements will be weighted.

In essence, you will be awarded grades for the qualifications you are currently entered for based on a blend of school forecast grades, your KS2 attainment, completed coursework (where relevant) and Key Stage 4 performance data. It is not yet clear how these different elements will be weighted. They are planning to issue the final grades at the end of July with an appeals process and the option of sitting the real exams later in the year if you are unhappy with the grade given to you.

This does, of course, raise a number of questions, most of which are answered at the Gov.UK site here

Things to consider

  1. Staying safe and well whilst also staying in and looking after friends and family.
  2. Your courses were approaching the end of taught content when we had to close. Coursework/NEA (non-examined assessments) will provide evidence for forecast grades.
  3. You need to be mindful of the fact that you will be embarking on further study from September. You need to ensure you are starting those courses from a position of strength. That means you must continue to learn content and reinforce prior learning in order to be ‘Sixth Form ready’. This may include reading about the content of courses or looking at specifications.
  4. Please do not email your teachers directly to start conversations regarding your forecast grades. There is a clear process linked to establishing forecast grades, these will reflect exam and test performance to date along with work you have completed in class and your target grades. We know this is an unsettling time for everyone and you want answers but at this stage things are not confirmed and we simply do not know for sure.
  5. It is important to keep your minds active and maintain your learning during this time. This will give you the best chance of preparing for a GCSE exam in the autumn (if the worst happens and your grade given is below what you want or need).

We will continue to remain in touch and provide further guidance as more information becomes available.

Yours faithfully
Mr E Rodriguez

This information was also emailed to students on 24 March.