Oathall prides itself on its excellent pastoral organisation and inclusion policy which is
recognised as an example of best practice. Pastoral care is based on a house structure consisting of four houses, Discovery, Endeavour, Pioneer and Voyager. On joining Oathall students are assigned to a tutor group. Each tutor group belongs to a house and each house is led by a Head of House with student house captains. The Head of House sets high expectations of work and behaviour and establishes an ethos of mutual respect and individual aspiration. The house system creates a community within a community and allows students to get to know and support each other regardless of age. Assemblies are run on a house basis and older students that receive awards and recognition for achievement act as role models for younger students.

Throughout the school year, a number of multi-disciplinary events are held where house points are awarded. These are then added to a championship table and at the end of each year, a house cup is awarded to the house achieving the highest points.

The latest house championship points table

Calendar of house competition events