What is our vision in Psychology ? 

Psychology at Oathall aims to help students develop a love of learning in understanding how the mind can influence human behaviour as well as developing our students into well rounded active citizens. Through the study of a broad range of topics such as mental illnesses, social influence, development and perception, our students develop a tolerance, awareness and respect towards other individuals. Students are challenged in class to consider alternative ideologies and concepts, as well as how behaviour affects various and diverse cultures and upbringing experiences.

Studying Psychology opens up many future pathways for our students to follow through the transferable skills they develop throughout this course such as statistical analysis, presentational skills, academic writing, understanding academic literature, being analytical as well as interpersonal skills.

The psychology GCSE offers students an opportunity to learn about key concepts in modern psychology. As a subject, it is highly relevant. The study of psychology contributes to an improved knowledge of self and others. It encourages students to seek an understanding of what we all have in common and what makes us different from one another. This, in turn, can stimulate smoother interpersonal interactions. As such, psychology is a subject that is sought after by a wide range of employers. During the psychology GCSE, students will acquire a range of skills. The course has an emphasis on learning, and correctly using, key psychology terminology. Students will learn how to plan and carry out their own psychology research. They will also learn how to describe well known psychology studies. In conjunction with this they will become familiar with existing criticisms of studies and theories – both positive and negative. Additionally, students will have opportunities to apply their knowledge to explain everyday psychological phenomena. Finally, they will begin to develop their own critical thinking skills in psychology. 


Psychology curriculum learning journey 


Psychology at KS4

Students will be able to apply psychological knowledge and understanding of specific content in a range of contexts in society. They will need to interpret and evaluate psychological concepts, theories, research studies and research methods in relation to the specific content. This will include evaluation of therapies and treatments including their appropriateness and effectiveness. Science develops the vocabulary used at a higher level in Psychology but also provides a scientific account of wellbeing for example, nutrition, digestion and excretion. The curriculum also demonstrates the core foundations of biology for example, the biological structures and systems. 


Curriculum grid in Year 10 

Curriculum grid in Year 11


Support for students

  • Google classroom
  • AQA Psychology for GCSE – Cara Flanagan
  • Collins GCSE psychology revision guide
  • Psych Boost You Tube – useful revision clips


Extended Learning Opportunities 

Students are encouraged to read around the subject and look at studies and psychology theories outside the curriculum and specification.

Online Psychology Degree

Further Education & Career Pathways in Psychology


Suggested reading list:

  • Forever Today – Deborah Wearing and Clive Wearing
  • Patient H.M.: A Story of Memory, Madness and Family Secrets
  • The Lucifer Effect – Zimbardo


How can parents and carers support learning ?

Parents can make sure that homework is being completed on time and revision is regular and thorough – encouraging practice of questions and not just content revision.

Ask students about their learning and their thoughts about the studies and theories and keep abreast of new developments in Psychology and the news.


Marking & Assessment Protocol 

Students are assessed at the end of each unit. They will be given an end of unit test using exam style questions. 

The year 10 summer exam will cover paper 1

The yr11 November mock will recover paper 1 content

The yr11  March mock will cover paper 2 content


Students will receive regular feedback that looks at a variety of skills required in psychology.