What is our vision in Physical Education? 

In order to personalise learning for all students, students will have an element of choice as to their PE curriculum. The intention of this is to maximise learning, engagement and enjoyment in PE increasing uptake at GCSE/BTEC in both PE and Dance. All students follow a similar Curriculum in Year 7 and 8 to give them a wide range of skills and develop their competencies across a range of activities. Topics covered are not set. Girls in year 9 have an element of choice in order to maintain engagement and promote lifelong participation. Boys continue with the structure from Year 7/8. Girls considering GCSE PE should be directed to competitive games routes to ensure that they are GCSE ready. These groups can start working towards the GCSE practical grading criteria and lessons should include GCSE specific terminology. The other groups in year will be mixed ability and mixed gender but will be tailored to suit the needs of those learners. The creative pathway should be utilised by those considering GCSE Dance if this re-enters the options process. The Curriculum should give students a broad learning experience and an understanding of how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle alongside developing both physical and mental capacities. 

Key Stage 4 students are not set by ability but make personal choices about the curriculum they wish to follow. There is flexibility in terms of the content for each group dependent upon group dynamics, teaching spaces and resources. This can be decided between the staff member and the students upon allocation of teaching spaces. Key Stage 4 lessons should focus on activity rates, engagement and independence. 


Physical Education Core curriculum learning journey  


Physical Education at KS3

In Key Stage 3 students have 2 hours of PE per week. Year 7 & 8 are taught in mixed ability, mixed gender groups. They complete 4 week blocks of work (8 lessons) in Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics, Fitness and a range of games activities to include Tennis, Hockey, Football, Netball/Rugby and Table Tennis. In year 9 students follow a more personalised learning programme. They select a pathway with a choice of Competitive Games, Creative or Lifestyle. They will be taught in mixed ability and depending on their option choice single or mixed sex groups. They will complete 9 blocks of work each consisting of 8 lessons.

One week each year is set aside for two PE House competitions. During this time the normal PE timetable is collapsed.

Curriculum learning grid in Year 7

Curriculum learning grid in Year 8

Curriculum learning grid in Year 9


Support for students 

We encourage you to consistently bring your kit and engage in physical activity in your spare time


Physical Education Super Curriculum 


Physical Education at KS4

Our Year 10 and 11 students receive 3 hours of PE over a two week period. For two of these lessons as in Year 9 they have a pathway option choice of Competitive Games, Lifestyle or Creative. This will determine the types of activities studied and whether they are taught in mixed or single sex groups.

In Year 10, the additional hour is dedicated to the development of leadership skills. Students utilise these leadership skills when they visit our feeder primary schools in the summer term to deliver skills sessions. In Year 11, the additional hour is used to offer additional theory support our GCSE full course students and other students receive a recreational hour of PE.

Curriculum learning grid in Year 10

Curriculum learning grid in Year 11


Extended Learning Opportunities in Physical Education

We offer at Oathall an extensive range of after school sports clubs that students can attend. During the winter terms we offer Football, Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Dance.The summer term clubs include Cricket, Athletics, Rounders and Tennis.

We also run sports teams in most of the clubs we offer and students gain the opportunity to compete in local leagues and tournaments.


Further Education & Career Pathways in Physical Education


Support for students

Google classrooms are available to support students. 


Useful revision websites 

The Body Coach – Youtube

Youth Sport Trust

Active Kids

Oti’s Dance Class – Youtube

Nuffield Health – Youtube

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