A good grasp of Maths is a vital life skill and our busy and enthusiastic team help our students to become confident and comfortable with the use of numbers by making classes interesting, stimulating and rewarding.

Key Stage Three

Year 7 students are taught in mixed attainment groups that focus on key topics each half term. Year 8 are also taught in mixed attainment groups except for two acceleration classes. Assessment is regular and includes topic/full termly summative assessments.  Students have access to a full range of challenges in each topic, with lessons differentiated appropriately in order to support and challenge students as required.

In year 9 students are in three streams (Accelerated, mixed or support). All classes follow a similar mathematical route, covering topics at different depths.  Students in the support group will spend time consolidating the basics of number, algebra, geometry and data before moving on to the more challenging material, however this will not preclude them from accessing the higher level topics.

Students in the higher streams have access to all higher and foundation level material and will be given the opportunity to challenge themselves fully.  Lessons are differentiated to ensure that students who require extra challenge can access the top level material (grades 7-9 and beyond) during the course of the year, with support material available for those who require a more supportive approach.  We follow the mastery curriculum and ensure that students develop a deeper understanding of key areas within the maths curriculum using problem solving and investigative tasks.

Key Stage Four

In years 10 and 11 students are in three streams (Higher+, Higher and Foundation).  All students will cover topics in algebra, geometry, data and number.  Students are expected to complete tasks at home, a combination of Hegartymaths revision tasks and examination practice. Assessment is via examinations only; there is no coursework in this subject.

At Oathall we are offer the AQA GCSE, spec code 8300.  Students will be entered for either the foundation or higher tier.  The highest grade achievable in foundation is 5.  All assessments are undertaken via examination in May/June of year 11.  Both the Foundation and Higher examinations are formed of three 1.5 hour examinations, with one non-calculator paper and two calculator papers.

If students are targeted a grade of 7 or above and are in the Higher + class they will also be taught the syllabus for the Level 2 AQA Further Maths qualification. Teachers will liaise with students and parents in year 11 to discuss who takes this paper in the summer examinations.

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