What is our vision in Health and Social Care ? 

Our BTEC tech qualification is for learners interested in taking a hands-on course alongside their GCSEs that will offer them an insight into what it is like to work in one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK: Health and Social Care. The course covers some fundamental aspects of the subject and gives learners an introduction into the sector that transects a wide range of careers. Students will be able to identify their strengths and interests to help inform their next steps in education and training.

Over the two year course students will explore a range of healthcare conditions and social care needs and consider how the different healthcare and social services available can meet individual’s needs as well as the common barriers to access and obstacles to care. They will learn about physical, lifestyle, social, cultural, economic and environmental factors affecting health and wellbeing and how to make recommendations for improvement using a person-centred approach.

Students will develop their written communication skills as they create health and wellbeing plans. Through two internally assessed components, learners complete realistic tasks and activities that allow them to fully connect knowledge to practice and evidence core knowledge, understanding skills. 


Health & Social care curriculum learning journey 


Health & Social care at KS4

It is designed to equip anyone who has an interest in Health, Social Care or Early Years, with the essential knowledge and transferable skills to enable them to make valid personal choices about further education, training or employment in this field. Related employment might include Nursing; Nursery Nursing; Midwifery; Occupational and Physiotherapy; Pharmacy, Social Work, or Teaching, for example.


Extended Learning Opportunities in Health & Social Care

This course offers a number of varied enrichment opportunities. 


Further Education & Career Pathways in Health and Social Care

  • Level 3 BTEC courses in HSC, Childcare and early years
  • T Levels in education and childcare
  • A Levels such as Biology, Psychology and Sociology
  • Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeships in HSC or childcare,
  • Careers in the health sector, including allied healthcare and the care sector (including elderly and children), Social work, teaching.


Support for students

Course textbook and revision guide for Component 3

Teachers available for after school support when requested.


Useful revision websites 

Department of Health 

Institute of Health Care Management 

Medical Research Council 

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) 

NHS Acronym Buster 


NHS Evidence 

Nursing and Midwifery Council 

World Health Organisation 


How can parents and carers support learning ?

Deadlines are set for coursework components which are agreed with the examination board. Parents can ensure students meet these deadlines and support coursework and homework completed independently.


Marking & Assessment Protocol  in Health and Social Care


Coursework (Components 1 and 2) comprises 60% of the final grade. This is marked and assessed by the teacher and then internally verified before a sample is sent to Pearson for external verification and auditing.