Geography looks at how people interact with the environment that surrounds them.  Many of the skills developed in the study of this subject are valuable and transferable, such as data handling and problem-solving.

Trips and fieldwork expeditions are regularly undertaken to allow students to gather research and evidence for themselves for their studies.  Recent trips have included Cuckmere Haven, Scrase Valley, Alfriston, Brighton, Seaford, Newhaven and Swanage in Dorset.

Key Stage Three
In Year 7, students cover topics including rivers and flooding, extreme weather, map skills and profile the country of Kenya.  In Year 8 they tackle development issues, climate and weather, tectonics and coasts.  They also do a country profile about China. Year 9s look at tourism, GIS, map skills, glaciation and ecosystems.

Key Stage Four
In Year 10 students look at natural hazards, rivers, coasts, and development issues.  Assessment is via three exams.

In Year 11 students look at ecosystems, urban issues, issue evaluation and focus on revision and mock exams.   Assessment is by exam.

Marking & Assessment Policy

Useful links for students

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