What is our vision in Physical Education GCSE? 

This course gives students the opportunity to study Physical Education in greater depth.

 A good GCSE PE grade shows that you possess a mixture of practical and academic skills. GCSE PE leads specifically to further study of Physical Education at AS and A2 and beyond to degrees in areas such as Physical Education; Sports Sciences; Sport and Exercise Sciences; Sports Psychology and many, many more!


PE curriculum journey 


Physical Education at GCSE

This 2-year option course develops student’s knowledge and practical skills in a range of physical activities. It allows students to examine the effects of exercise on the human body and understand how effective training can improve performance. Students also have the opportunity to plan, analyse and evaluate a personal exercise programme. We currently follow the Edexcel specification. Examination breakdown is:

  • 60% – Theory exam at the end of Year 11. This consists of two papers.
  • 30% – Practical exam at the end of Year 11. Students must perform in 3 different activities from a specified list.
  • 10% – Coursework. Conducted in Year 10 and involves students designing a Personal Exercise Programme.

Curriculum learning grid in Year 10 

Curriculum learning grid in Year 11 


Support for students

The PE Classroom

BBC Bitesize

Mr Wnuk PE


Extended Learning Opportunities in GCSE PE

The PE Faculty has an outstanding sporting tradition and there is an extensive extracurricular and out of hours learning programme offered to ALL students across the school. The Department offers a full programme of inter-school sports which can be divided into the following categories:

  • National Competitions
  • County Competitions
  • District Competitions
  • Friendly Fixtures
  • Inter House Competitions

The Faculty recognises the unique contribution that extracurricular clubs can offer students at school and this is reflected in the wide range of competitive and non-competitive activities that are offered. The school’s house system is strong and the PE Faculty support this fully with regular inter-house competitions in a full range of sports.


Further Education & Career Pathways in GCSE PE


Support for students

There are Google classroom for all GCSE classes.


Useful websites

GCSE Bitesize: PE 

Teach PE 

Revision World 


How can parents and carers support learning ?

Encourage your child to review their google classrooms, watch additional tutorial videos from various providers on youtube, attend GCSE PE support sessions and ask for help if they are unsure.


Marking and assessment protocol in GCSE PE