2016 Guardian visit-webOur busy English faculty aims to equip students to be critical readers, convincing writers and articulate speakers.  We do this through a dynamic, varied and demanding curriculum alongside an active programme of enrichment activities such as public speaking, our KS3 reading award scheme, after school classes, competitions, author visits and school trips.

English language and English literature make up the Oathall offering in this area.

Key Stage Three

Students are given the opportunity to read a wide variety of texts and are also encouraged to read for pleasure; these include The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, The Last Light Fades and Nought and Crosses.  Our Shakespeare texts include Much Ado About Nothing, The Tempest and the Twelfth Night.

Throughout Years 7, 8 and 9 students develop their practical skills by writing letters, essays, poetry and reviews. They also complete narrative and descriptive writing tasks.

Speaking and listening is an essential skill in modern life and students are given many opportunities to practise speaking in groups, consider the views of others and give constructive feedback.

Y7 T1 The Sea Topic Assessment Sheet

Y7 T2 The Novel Topic Assessment Sheet

Y7 T3 Dickens Topic Assessment Sheet

Y7 T4 Shakespeare Topic Assessment Sheet

Y8 T1 Novel Topic Assessment Sheet

Y8 T2 Gothic Topic Assessment Sheet

Y8 T3 Shakespeare Topic Assessment Sheet

Y8 T4 WW1 Poetry Topic Assessment Sheet

Key Stage Four

All students will study both English Language and Literature to GCSE level.

English Language and Literature

In key stage 4, students write using figurative language (narrative and descriptive writing), read fiction (different cultures, prose, Shakespeare and poetry) and work on their speaking and listening skills.  They also explore transactional writing, the spoken language, speaking and listening, non-fiction, literature texts (play and prose selected from the AQA exam board list).

Marking and Assessment Policy

Useful links for students

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