What is our vision in Engineering ? 

Engineering is a large and growing sector of employment in the UK with almost half a million people currently working as engineers in the UK, and millions more worldwide. It is an interesting, and well-paid job with opportunities across the globe in a wide range of disciplines. Our aim is to give students the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that they can take forward into an Engineering career. Either as an apprentice or later on at degree level. We achieve this by giving them hands-on experience of workshop practice, Computer Aided Manufacture/Design and real life design and make projects. We also encourage awareness of the impact of design on the environment looking at the sustainability of materials in the design world. 

Engineering GCSE learning journey 


Engineering at KS4

Students follow the AQA course. Year 10s will work on various projects building on skills and knowledge learned in KS3. Subjects include construction, bridge design, electronics and aerodynamics.  In year 11, students will work on a Non Examined Assessment worth 50% of their GCSE and finish with a two hour theory exam for the other 50%.


Curriculum learning grid for Year 10 

Curriculum learning grid for Year 10 


Extended Learning Opportunities in Engineering

There’s no getting away from the fact that there’s a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills crisis in the UK. This course offers a wide range of extended learning opportunities. 


Further Education & Career Pathways in Engineering


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