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Drama is an interactive subject, which allows students to develop their leadership, confidence and critical thinking. Each week students have the opportunity to explore a range of theatrical styles and approaches; providing a space in which students can express their emotions in order to discover a deeper understanding of the world in which we live today.

The Drama Department is committed to offering students a variety of experiences in both contemporary and historical theatre, extending their learning through extra-curricular clubs and high-quality school productions, such as the recent performance of Macbeth.

Key Stage 3
KS3 students study Drama for one hour a week in Y7, Y8 and Y9. In Year 7, students are introduced to basic drama skills, developing their awareness of how to use the voice and body to communicate meaning. Throughout the year students are also introduced to different theatre styles, such as Greek Theatre and Ghost Stories, exploring how to use the space, sound and lighting to capture an audience’s interest.

In Year 8, students develop their theatrical skills further by studying Melodrama, Improvisation and Devising. They begin to interpret different texts from the page to the stage, exploring how to evaluate their own and others’ contributions to the overall effectiveness of performance. Year 8 students begin to question what makes theatre, looking at different performance styles such as carnivals, protests and site-specific pieces.

In Year 9, students continue to develop their awareness of different approaches to drama. Students investigate different historical events and recent issues in order to create an original piece of drama. They begin to challenge audience perception, through studying Physical and Visual Theatre alongside Non Naturalistic Theatre. During this year students have an opportunity to advance their analytical and evaluative skills, understanding how to appreciate drama in performance, both as participants and spectators.

Key Stage 4
The Department aspires to high standards in both performance and academic work, and the GCSE programme seeks to extend pupils’ experience and learning of theatre. Throughout this course, students become makers of drama, reflecting upon what makes a successful performance, investigating the different disciplines and mediums behind drama.

Students study the AQA GCSE Drama course which comprises:

Devising – 40%

  • Students learn how to create and develop ideas based upon a specific stimulus in order to create meaning within a devised performance.
  • This unit consists of a live performance alongside a written log.

Texts in Performance – 20 %

  • This unit is a practical performance of two key extracts.

The Written Exam – 40%

  • This exam is broken into 3 sections:
    • Section A: Multiple Choice
    • Section B: Study of a Set Text
    • Section C: Live Theatre Review.

Marking & Assessment policy

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