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Drama is a subject which enhances a range of skills such as verbal and non-verbal commination; teamwork; leadership; emotional maturity; independence and creativity. Students are encouraged to question and analyse the topics they are taught to ensure they have a deeper understanding and are able to connect what they learn to the world around them. The Drama Department are keen for Drama to be at the heart of Oathall and are striving for the best extra-curricular opportunities that engage, excited and build the confidence of students.


Student in Year 7, 8 and 9 study Drama for one hour a week. They follow a directed learning journey which has been designed for students to experience a range of topics that have links to the GCSE course.
In Year 7, students are introduced to Drama as a subject through learning the fundamental skills they need for any topic they study. Using key leadership and communication skills, students look at how to convey a character and storyline to an audience using they physical and vocal skills. As the year progresses, students study a range of topics such as; the History of Theatre, the hit Musical ‘Into The Woods’ and the atmospheric scheme of work called Morley Manor.
In Year 8, students use the key skills they developed in Year 7 and apply them to topics that focus on different theatrical elements such as script work, exaggerated performance, comedy and verbatim theatre. Year 8 students are challenged to look deeper into performances, justify their choices for their own performances and analyse performances they have watched. There is also an introduction to Design elements in Year 8 as students look into the other areas of Drama that are not fully focused on performing.
In Year 9, students are offered different GCSE taster topics to spark their interest for KS4. Students look at a variety of performances, both traditional forms of theatre and non-tradition, from a wide range of theatre practitioners such as Brecht and Stanislavski. They are challenged to respond to the theater they are studying and develop opinions that connect to the wider world.


Drama is a creative, exciting and challenging course. Throughout GCSE Drama you will be expected to create interesting and diverse characters or designs within a number of performances. GCSE Drama requires you to interpret texts and stimuli to create meaning on stage and on paper. Theatre is an expressive art which reflects and directs the world we live in today. You will learn how the demands of a range of performance styles. You will evaluate as an actor or designer, audience member and director. You will learn how to analyse, discuss and evaluate your point of view in both spoken and written form.  Candidates who have completed the course demonstrate a social intelligence and ability to adapt ideas and work with others. These life skills are essential within future placements and are developed everyday within the Drama classroom.

Students study the AQA GCSE Drama course which comprises:

Devising – 40%
Students learn how to create and develop ideas based upon a specific stimulus in order to create meaning within a devised performance.
This unit consists of a live performance alongside a written log.

Texts in Performance – 20 %
This unit is a practical performance of two key extracts.
The Written Exam – 40%
This exam is broken into 3 sections:
Section A: Multiple Choice
Section B: Study of a Set Text
Section C: Live Theatre Review.


Useful links for students: (Digital Theatre Plus)