The Oathall Curriculum

The Oathall Curriculum encapsulates, in the broadest sense, what our students are expected to learn. It sets out the knowledge and skills that students should acquire in lessons and also extends to learning that takes place beyond lessons. The design of the curriculum at all levels is underpinned by the following principles.

A curriculum that:

  • remains as broad and balanced as possible for all students
  • is driven by high expectations for all
  • clearly sets out the knowledge and skills that will be acquired
  • develops strong literacy and numeracy skills so that students can communicate confidently
  • places an importance on learning independently
  • is planned, structured and sequenced so that knowledge is learnt securely and reinforced over time
  • is adapted for students with special educational needs and / or disabilities
  • promotes practical competency within each subject
  • opens students’ minds to their possible futures
  • provides enriching experiences that contribute to building character and cultural experiences.