When the school reopens in September 2020 we will be offering a simpler menu that we will rotate every two weeks. This is because we now have to cater for split breaks (from 2 breaks to 4 breaks a day) and we have had to rearrange our kitchen and serving areas to ensure we can operate safely for canteen staff and students.

We continue to offer gluten-free menus but ask that your child pre-orders this each day with the canteen team. We operate a nut-free policy but we are not always able to guarantee that nuts are not brought into the school by other children.

If you have any dietary requirements for your child please speak to Mrs Denyer or email her on sdenyer@oathall.org we will do our best to accommodate any requests.

September 2020 menu 

Other Covid-19 Changes
In order to meet the safety requirements for serving food in schools, we have made further changes to how we operate. For the time being, these will include

  • No seating in the dining room area.
  • 4 breaks a day instead of 2; split by year groups.
  • Students in different year groups will be told to queue either in the dining room or at the external serving hatch. Staff will be on duty to monitor queues.
  • There will be no self-service and students will need to select from the daily menus and they will be served their choices by the canteen staff.
  • All food will be served to takeaway
  • We will not be using biometrics for cashless payment. All students will be issued with a proximity card linked to their canteen account. If a student loses their proximity card there will be a small charge of 30p to replace it. The cost will be deducted from the student’s canteen account.
  • Students eligible for free school meals may continue to select a meal to the value of £2.50

All of these changes will be kept under review as it is very likely that we will need to make adaptations once students have returned and started to use the new systems.

We work hard to ensure our practices comply with all legislation relating to school meals. We are proud that our kitchens have achieved ‘5 – Very Good’ in the Food Standards Agency food hygiene rating scheme.