Year 10 Work related learning week 2014

Students in Year 10 have just completed a range of work related activities aimed at broadening their experiences and helping to inform future career choices.

Students visit Sainsburys in Haywards Heath

Students visit Sainsburys in Haywards Heath

During the week students participated in visits to local businesses, trips to colleges and universities and workshop activities led by employees from Barclays Bank. This included a formal mock job interview which was subsequently graded. One senior Barclays advisor said of the experience “I would happily employ any of the students I’ve interviewed today”

As well as these activities, two former Oathall students, Dr Daisy Moffatt who is training to be a GP and Ben Higgins, Director of HR at the Societe Generale Bank returned to talk to students about their experience of work. Daisy and Ben are both members of the Oathall Alumni Association which is set up to keep in touch with former Oathall students. A short movie of the week’s activities was collated and shown to students at the end of the week.

Award for a lifetime in teaching

Howard Wood, won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual TES School’s Awards on Friday 4 July.

“A man of great gentleness but with a powerful belief in the children in his care” is how one person who has worked with Howard Wood describes him. Others call him “outstanding”, “exceptional” and “selfless”, but the word that crops up more than any other is “dedicated”.

Mr Wood with his family at the award ceremony in London on Friday.

Mr Wood with his wife, Mary and daughter, Sarah at the award ceremony in London on Friday.

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Year 6 Transition to Oathall

Following on from their successful induction day on 6 July, Year 6 students are invited to attend the following additional activities.

Haywards Heath Youth CIC are holding a ‘Big Year 6 Transition Party!’ at The Albemarle Centre on Friday 11 July.

Y6 Albemarle Transition Party

And Oathall Parent Teacher Association will be hosting its annual OPTA Summer Sports & BBQ Evening on Monday 21 July. Everyone welcome.


What’s in a name?

Students at Oathall have taken part in choosing names for the new house system that the college is introducing this summer. The house system will provide an extra platform for competition, an additional focus around events and an opportunity for younger and older students to meet and work together in joint enterprises. Following a whole school online vote the theme of Exploration came first in the student poll. Within this theme four names emerged as winners. We are pleased to announce that the new house names are

Discovery – Endeavour – Pioneer – Voyager

Assistant Headteacher, Mr Willer with students from the Student Voice Community Group

Assistant Headteacher, Mr Willer with students from the Student Voice Community Group

The house titles originate from spacecraft and ships of exploration.  The titles represent the human spirit of challenge and determination to cross boundaries in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.  In this context we hope our four house titles will stand as an inspiration to students to strive for success in all aspects of college life.

Between now and the end of term tutor groups will be allocated to a House and our Games Day on 11th July 2014 will have the additional excitement of competition for a House Cup. The autumn term will see further work to develop the House system including the design of house emblems, agreement of colours, the identification of House Captains and other student leaders within the system and the planning for House assemblies and further events.  An exciting time lies ahead!